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"They were absolutely delicious, honestly some of the best marron and yabbies I've tasted in memory. Well done! I don't imagine it's been easy, but they're bloody terrific. We are all very excited to start working with them at the restaurant upon season kicking off again. Thank you."


—  Josh Niland, Owner and Chef of 

Fish Butchery & Saint Peter


Thanks so much for visiting us at Coffin Bay Marron, you’ve made our day!

This is our little family;

Ben - The Main Marron Man (he does all the hard work)

Astyn - Behind The Scenes (sales, marketing and other random stuff)

and Isabella (the real boss).

Ben bought this gorgeous non-operational marron farm a few years ago and has been working in his spare time to grow the marron population back up to what it once was. Seeing the hard work, the learning and the experimenting with these little guys paying off is simply amazing!

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