aka: Fresh Water Crayfish

Coffin Bay Marron are fascinating and beautiful creatures ranging from jet black with purple bellies to a stunning vibrant blue. 


Marron are one of the largest and most flavoursome freshwater crayfish in the world with a meat that is sweet and delicate, quite different to a lobster. 

Our marron are naturally bred and grown in our kilometres of pristine channels. Being extremely sensitive to their environment, marron have a tendency to go walk-about if their home isn't perfect.  Our limestone-filtered channels ensure all our marron are happy and healthy while also being exceptionally clean with no muddy flavour. We also purge the fish in our tanks for a few days to ensure the best possible product.


Being mainly vegetarian, we feed them their favourite mix of hay and grains and love watching them all come out at night to feast!

Our marron sale sizes begin at 170g with no maximum size restraints. The largest that has been caught on this farm by the previous owner weighed a whopping 720g!

If you would like to try our Marron for yourself please check out our Purchase page for more information.